Executive Mat Pack

Preserve your car's interior with top-quality car mats

Executive Mat Pack

Choose from 3 options

Executive Mat Pack – Stylish and luxurious for your pleasure

Executive Rubber Mat Pack – Practical and easy to clean, perfectly suited to an outdoor lifestyle

Platinum Mat Pack – The thickest and most plush pile for your ultimate comfort and style

Discover Available car mat packs

  • Quality - Fully tailored luxury mat set to give an executive finish.

  • Includes - 4 piece carpet or rubber mats, PVC boot liner with insert and rubber waterproof bumper protector.

  • Lasting - Reinforced heel pad with a 3 year or 60,000 mile warranty (whichever is sooner).

  • Design - Your choice of 3 colours to best suit your taste.

  • Fitting - Fitted to manufacturers specifications and fixing points.

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