Hassle free browsing with REAL stores & cars you can REALLY test drive

At AvailableCar, our approach is unique. When you visit one of our Showrooms, you can expect a hassle-free browsing experience, with friendly and helpful Staff on hand should you need them. We don’t sell cars to our Customers but help them to buy in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

It’s simple really, we want our Customers to be able to shop their way, at their leisure, with help when they need it!

That’s the AvailableCar Way!

You can compare over 30 brands – side by side

Browse and compare over 30 different brands, side by side, at any of our four used car supermarkets. It is incredibly useful to be able to try out so many different makes, models and sizes, all in one place, and with AvailableCar, you can do just that! And to make it even easier and more convenient, all our cars are unlocked, so you can try out and test drive as many as you like!

With over 1,000 cars, at every Store, you get unrivalled choice, without having to visit 30 different dealerships!

Choose from over 4,000 Cars (which we can move between stores for you)

With over 4,000 quality used cars available across our four used car supermarkets, you are guaranteed unrivalled choice when you visit one of our Stores. Browse a huge range of different makes, models and sizes, at your leisure, in a comfortable and hassle-free environment.

Simple, hassle-free car buying – that’s the AvailableCar way!

You can test drive ANY car at ANY Store!

Test drive as many cars as you like, at any of our four used car supermarkets! And we will even transfer cars between Stores for you!  

Simply locate the car you are interested in, and our helpful and friendly team will arrange to have the car transferred to your local Store, at your convenience! 

Simple, easy and hassle-free!


All cars unlocked for your convenience

Every car is unlocked, at every Store! So, you can enjoy browsing all our cars, try out as many as you like, and decide at your leisure, which one is right for you!

How refreshing not to have to ask for the keys to every car!


A relaxed, no-pressure environment

We won’t approach you! Or try to sell you a car!  That’s simply not the AvailableCar way!

When you choose to purchase with us, expect a relaxing and no-pressure experience! We don’t employ salespeople, our focus is on customer service, not sales.

Our friendly and helpful Staff are simply on hand, to offer help when required, and provide an outstanding level of customer service, throughout the buying process, and beyond.

A reputation for friendly service

(It’s something our Customers comment on the most!)

Our people are great – really great! And it is our people who have earned us our reputation for always providing a friendly and welcoming service. This is the number one comment in our 10,000+ Trustpilot reviews. 

We are incredibly proud of this.

Excellent used car finance rates