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Top tips for saving fuel as we head into Autumn

Top tips for saving fuel as we head into Autumn

As we head into the colder months, it’s likely that drivers will start to use their cars more often and with fuel prices remaining high, we thought we would share some top tips on how to reduce your fuel consumption over the months ahead.

Whilst the speed you drive at is arguably the most influential factor affecting fuel consumption, there are several other ways you can change your driving habits to help lower your fuel costs.

Fuel Saving Tips From AvailableCar

Maintain your vehicle

Regular servicing and maintenance improves the efficiency of your vehicle and, therefore, will improve fuel consumption.

Check that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure as indicated in your owner’s manual. Both under-inflated and overinflated tyres affect fuel consumption.

Use higher gears and stay within the speed limit

Excessive speed guzzles fuel! Gently accelerating is very important for fuel efficient driving.

Probably the biggest secret to achieving high mpg is driving in the highest possible gear for your vehicle while keeping within the speed limit. The best advice in urban areas is to change up through the gears as quickly as you can with the lowest revs possible, probably at around 2000rpm. Remember: the faster an engine spins, the more fuel it uses.

Consider whether you need to use AC

Don’t use your air conditioning unless you really have to as it uses engine power and therefore increases fuel consumption.

This goes for heat as well as cooling, so try to dress for the weather, even inside your car, if fuel efficiency is a big concern.

Lighten the load

While this isn’t going to make the biggest difference to your mpg figures it stands to reason that the heavier a vehicle is, the more fuel it will use.

For that reason, don’t keep unnecessary items in your boot as they all add weight to your vehicle, which is not going to help your fuel economy in the long run.

Don’t leave roof bars & roof boxes on

Don’t leave your roof bars and roof box on because they create wind resistance and cause your car to use more fuel through the ‘drag’ effect. This is increased the faster you drive.

According to the Energy Saving Trust an empty roof rack adds 16% drag when driving at 75mph. At the same speed a roof box adds 39%, making your vehicle much less fuel efficient. 

Even those little flags you can affix to your vehicle to show support for your football team during the world cup can decrease your mpg!

Driving with an open window also has a similar effect.

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