Top tips for driving during a heatwave

With the Met Office predicting that temperatures are forecast to rise as high as 40C this week and with both amber and red weather warnings in place, keeping cool is essential, particularly whilst driving in a hot car.

A stiflingly hot car can be a largely uncomfortable experience so for ways to make driving more bearable and safe, here are some top tips to cool down your vehicle.

The interior of your car can often feel much hotter than it is outside, and with temperatures of around 40C, this can be very hard work. From scalding seatbelt buckles, to red hot seats and steering wheels, it’s essential to keep as cool as possible and prepare for the journey ahead.

Let the hot air escape

Open all windows and use the door as a fan to help the heat escape. You can do this by swinging the door back and forth. It’s recommended to do this at least three times to expel the hot air.

When you start driving, keep the windows open for a few minutes and then switch to air con. When the car starts to feel cooler, close the windows and switch to recirculated air. This way, the air con will only push the cooler air already inside the car around the cabin instead of dragging in more warm air from outside.

Park in the shade or use a windscreen shade

It may sound obvious, but try parking in the shade or using a sun shade. This can help to keep your car cooler and prevent the interior becoming unbearably hot.

A reflective shade on your windscreen is a good and inexpensive way to combat the heat. 

As the windscreen is probably the largest entryway for heat, blocking this area is a good way to redirect the heat.

Angle the vents correctly

To evenly distribute the airflow, it’s better to angle the vents upwards to allow the air to spread around the car.

Although it can be tempting to direct the air con vents straight at your face after enduring extreme outside temperatures, this method doesn’t work as effectively in keeping the car cool.


And if you’re lucky enough to have a convertible

Get the roof down!