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Best Cars for Towing at AvailableCar

Best Cars for Towing at AvailableCar

At AvailableCar, we are experts in used cars and we can offer you advice on the best cars for towing.

What to Look For — Tow Cars

If you’re looking for the best used cars for towing and have regular, heavy-duty towing in mind, it’s likely you’ll be looking for an SUV or large estate car with a strong powertrain, be it with planet-friendly, all wheel drive, pure electric power, a petrol engine or strong diesel engine.

You'll want great stability, decent range and suitably large maximum towing ability.

Short of purchasing a pick up truck, our selection of great tow cars should help narrow down your options If occasional, lighter loads are more likely, you can exercise some creative licence with your choice of a towing vehicle.

Whether you need extra space for a tip run or fancy taking a holiday with a caravan in tow, at AvailableCar you can find a competent tow car which is designed to help make the business of towing as simple, safe and un-intimidating as possible.

Whichever car you choose for towing, you should make sure that you are appropriately equipped for the task by checking that your driving licence entitles you to do so. The UK Government provides a guide to towing regulations to keep you towing safely and legally.

Here are some of our best cars for towing:

Hyundai Santa Fe — A Strong All-round Tow Car

The Hyundai Santa Fe has a huge max towing capacity. "How much weight can it tow?" we hear you ask — 2500kg, so it’s a powerful towing car. Not only is it one of the best cars for towing, but it’s also stylish, with a large front, rear view camera and angular lights.

So if you are looking for a great towing car to take on family holidays, then the Hyundai Santa Fe is a great option. With 7 seats, touch screen infotainment system (in premium models), spacious interior, comfortable leather seats (premium models), and a four-wheel-drive that kicks in when conditions are slippery, it’s one of the best cars for towing caravans. If the rear legroom wasn't enough to convince you of its practicality, it's also good value making it a great tow car.

Land Rover Discovery — Just how much Towing capacity?!

With an even larger towing limit of 3500kg, the Land Rover Discovery can pull just about anything! The Land Rover Discovery is a great choice tow car and a brilliant option for those who are adventurous and love caravanning in style! Its four-wheel-drive and powerful engine make it the ideal for towing a caravan, horse box or horse trailer. Despite its power, the Land Rover Discovery has all the driving characteristics that make it a quiet and comfortable drive.

Is it practical? Absolutely — with huge storage space and enough room to comfortably accommodate seven people thanks to its rear seats; it's the ideal large family car. It’s also able to tackle all conditions thanks to its Terrain Response system.

The kerbweight of 2489kg and suitably-firm suspension without doubt makes the Land Rover Discovery one of the best cars for towing on the market.

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