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If you are looking for a used automatic car, we have over 5000 quality used cars and a huge range of used automatics to choose from.

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Why choose a used automatic car?

Automatic models are well known for being a smoother ride, and easier to drive. As they don’t have manual gearboxes, you don’t have to change gear and they’re easier to control, making them more convenient and simpler to operate than manual cars. Just stick it into D and off you go! There is no need to change again until you need to park or reverse.

Offering a seamless transition between gears, Drivers experience a smoother and more pleasant ride without any grinding of gears or stuttering!

If you are often sat in traffic, then an automatic vehicle can be a much better option than a manual. 

Best used automatic cars for sale

Depending on the budget there are some great choices for used automatic cars.

Boasting a brilliant six-cylinder turbocharged engine, a used BMW M140i is one of the most exciting hot hatches around. With smooth automatic gearbox offers impressive efficiency making it a great day-to-day choice for used Automatic cars. As standard they have excellent fuel economy and air conditioning.

Renowned for its strong, reliable automatic gearboxes, a Mercedes Benz CLS is a stylish and luxurious coupe for those looking for something powerful, but surprisingly efficient. Mercedes are one of the best automatic car manufacturers, with models available as full electric, hybrid and offering great benefits.

With an automatic version of the  BMW 3 series, you get a superb six-speed torque converter gearbox which will shift smoothly and quickly. A reliable choice with a great range of both diesel and petrol engines.

Always right at the top of the Best Selling Vehicles list, the Ford Fiesta 1.0 litre turbo models are reliable, cheap automatic cars that come equipped with Ford’s fast and dependable Powershift dual-clutch automatic gearbox. A Fiesta is always a superb choice!

If you’re after a small/city vehicle, then a Toyota Yaris may be a good option. Its widely chosen torque converter automatic gearbox has proven to be reliable and smoother than most small cars. Our choice would be the 1.3 litre automatic vehicle.

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