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Trying to find used cars for sale, Mansfield?
Covering a wide range of makes and models, Available Car makes finding a used car near you as hassle-free as possible.
Biggest Car Dealers Near Me — Derby
Are you searching for the "biggest car dealers near me"? Derby has an AvailableCar branch less than 10 miles from the city in Castle Donington.
Looking for a used BMW for sale, Leicester?
For used cars that are sleek, fun and dynamic, take a look at our used BMW cars for sale near Leicester. The German manufacturer is known for their innovative technology, making them a popular option in the second hand cars market.
The Best Used Cars in Birmingham — Available Car
Whether you’re looking for your next car or your first one — head for your local Available Car supermarket near Birmingham for the best used car deals.
Discover the Luxury of the Mercedes A-Class
The Mercedes A-Class is a luxury vehicle that exudes sophistication and class. Looking to buy your next A-Class? View our range at AvailableCar!
Finding Used Cars For Sale - Sutton in Ashfield
Our selection of used cars makes your search for the perfect vehicle easy - we make searching for a quality vehicle for sale anywhere near Sutton in Ashfield hassle-free.
Looking for a used Audi for sale, Derby?
No matter if you're a commuter, the person who completes the daily school run or you look forward to getting away at the weekend, a used Audi will keep up with your lifestyle.
Best Used Cars for Large Families
Want to know what the best used cars are for larger families? We have a huge range of large family cars including SUVs, 4 x 4s and 7-seater cars. Over 5000 cars to choose from and more than 30 different brands.
Why Choose a Used Ford Focus?
If you are looking for a used Ford Focus, we have an unrivalled choice of used Ford Focuses. Browses all our selection of used cars.

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