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Why choose a Used Ford Kuga?

Launched in 2008, the Ford Kuga SUV has a sporty exterior with smooth lines and a rounded shape. Inside there is enough room to comfortably carry up to five passengers. The Kuga comes with a range of petrol and diesel engines and is available in either 2 or 4-wheel drive. Six months after it launched, Ford extended the range to include a lower-priced front-wheel-drive version of the 2.0-litre diesel model and a 2.5-litre petrol turbocharged version with an optional automatic gearbox. The Ford Kuga also features an "Intelligent AWD System" which controls the distribution of power between the front and rear wheels to maximise traction.

What do you get with a used Ford Kuga?

Well, the used Ford Kuga definitely looks great! Second-hand Ford Kugas are sleeker than most of their rival compact 4 x 4s and feel more at home in an urban environment. Inside the Ford Kuga, you're treated to ample space, and even more, if you fold down the seats, ideal for family road trips or to carry multiple adults. All used Ford Kugas come with lots of safety features and impassive security test scores, which will come as good news for families.

What do you get in terms of performance?

The used Ford Kuga has excellent performance and handling under the harshest of road conditions. Feel confident with the intelligent AWD system which can determine how much grip, cornering balance, and responsiveness is required in wet, dry or icy conditions and on varying terrain. Although it is not a full off-roader, the four-wheel-drive adds an enormous amount of additional flexibility and it is perfectly capable of driving on muddy fields or while towing a caravan or a boat. It is also very good when confronting snowy conditions. With all the benefits of additional safety features, it is also the ideal car for the school run. If you don’t need the four-wheel drive, there is also a two-wheel-drive version which, although not as versatile, is still a great choice if you want the fundamental benefits of a Focus with the practical benefits of the Kuga.

And how about running costs?

The Ford Kuga uses a range of proven engines and the diesels offer the lowest running costs. Those who need a four-wheel drive or an automatic gearbox will find running costs increased compared to the two-wheel-drive versions.

Exactly which model of Kuga you choose can have an impact on insurance costs – the entry-level petrol model sits in group 14, while the top-of-the-range diesel Vignale occupies group 26.


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