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used fiat 500


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Why choose a Fiat 500?

Popular with young, first-time drivers, the Fiat 500 is a great example of one of the most stylish and economical small city cars on the market. Whilst the original was introduced in 1957, it was discontinued in the late '70s! The newer version was then introduced in 2007, and very soon became a super cool small car amongst the younger drivers! It is also a great and very popular choice for the more mature driver, as it’s easy to park and has low running costs - In summary - a small, practical and very economical car with lots of style!

What do you get with a used Fiat 500?

With a second-hand Fiat 500 you’ll almost certainly get a car that screams retro and style, but with plenty of modern technology too. It’s just a case of choosing a model that suits each of your needs. Whilst one of its biggest selling points is undoubtedly its design, it also makes great financial sense as it depreciates in value extremely slowly for a small car. Look out for ultra-efficient TwinAir petrol or MultiJet turbodiesel engines in the trim level of your choice. Its 'must-have' looks, reliability, character and fuel efficiency, have all helped to ensure its residual values are kept high, which is good news for owners.

What do you get in terms of performance?

The petrol engines of the second-hand Fiat 500 are both decent and provide smooth operation, frugality and generally top-notch behaviour on the road. It’s like a little go-kart that handles well. The later generation models have improved power steering and suspension, meaning the used Fiat 500 offers a comfortable ride which gives just enough excitement for the average city driver.

And how about those running costs?

Well as we said, a used Fiat 500 is a very economical choice.

Opt for a manual gearbox 68bhp 1.2-litre engine delivering 50.4mpg, which is by far the least expensive Fiat 500 engine.

Another petrol option is the Fiat 500 two-cylinder TwinAir 0.9-litre engine. This uses a turbocharger to deliver power and really does impress given its small size. There is a 84bhp option claiming 52.3mpg although you are possibly more likely to see something around mid-forties!

The Fiat 500s relatively low insurance costs are another attraction, particularly for younger drivers. The 1.2 litre starts from as low as Insurance group seven and the Twin Air starts in Insurance group 11.

used fiat 500

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