Used Estate Cars

An Estate car is essentially a hatchback or saloon with an extended rear end, providing more boot space for those who need it. It’s a great choice of car for larger families, golfers or any sports players with bulky equipment, or perhaps tradespeople needing to carry lots of essential tools around with them.

As with a hatchback, the boot opens at the rear of the car, with a large square-shaped opening making it easier to load bulky items. Folding rear seats are usually included as standard too, giving you the opportunity to create even more space behind the front seats.

Modern used estate cars are now much more stylish and tend to also be more economical to run than the older model estate cars.

Why choose an Estate?

If you require more space with a large boot opening and square-shaped luggage then an estate car ticks all your boxes. There is a great range of modern used estate cars available, and with much more stylish design and almost as economical as a hatchback, an estate is a great choice for those requiring a larger car.

used estate cars

Is an Estate car the right choice for you?

The two main advantages of an estate car are space and easy loading, however, depending on your requirements there are a few different options. SUVs and Crossovers are other possible choices, for example, if you require maximum boot space you may be better opting for a taller car such as a large SUV.

Some versions of estate cars are fitted with four-wheel-drive, giving you extra grip off-road, so if this is high up on your list of priorities, then an estate car can fulfil this need.

Some of the best Estate cars on the market
Volvo V90

This is best known for looking great both inside and out with a big dashboard touchscreen, as well as curved body shape. It’s large, luxurious and certainly an upmarket estate. And being a Volvo, it’s well known for its excellent safety credentials and practicality.

Seat Leon ST Estate

The Seat Leon ST estate is built on the strength of the Seat Leon hatchback, with a sharp look and great driving experience of the hatchback, just with a much bigger boot! It’s sporty, with a tapering roofline and sharply creased sides giving it a much more aggressive look that its rivals.



Volvo V60 Cross Country

The Volvo V60 Cross Country is comfortable, classy and certainly capable. Being a Volvo, it’s well-built and relaxing to drive as well as practical. The Cross Country takes the standard V60 estate and adds a four-wheel drive and a raised ride height.

Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain

For those off-road excursions, the Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain is perfect for those country dwellers. With a 29mm higher ride height (down to the Air Body Control air suspension (15mm) and the 20in wheels fitted as standard (14mm), this car is designed specifically for that purpose.
And in addition to this, it has the 4Matic permanent four-wheel-drive system with 31/69 front-rear split.

Audi A6 Allroad

A rugged estate car, the Audi A6 Allroad offers mild off-roading without sacrificing the driving experience. It’s a comfortable ride with a powerful engine and a huge boot space. There is also plenty of space inside, with beautifully designed interior, trimmed in Milano leather as standard. Allroad models also get bespoke badging and sat nav.

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