Extra Used Car Products

At AvailableCar, we understand that when you're buying a used car, there may be extra used car products you need too! Our aim is to simply make the used car buying process as easy and convenient as we can for our customers, which is why we offer additional used car products, such as used car warranties, in order for our customers to be able to get everything they need, in one place!

Our no-hassle approach means that we don't sell cars to our customers, we help our customers to buy and it's the same with the extra used car products we offer.

We want all our customers to be able to make an informed decision about any extra used car products which may be right for them, so if you are buying a car with Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels for example, then our Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance may be a perfect product for you!

We offer a variety of extra used car products such as:

used car warranty

Used Car Warranties

You can purchase an extended used car warranty from one to three years, at the same time that you purchase your car. This offers peace of mind in the event your car suffers a mechanical or electrical failure further down the line, avoiding a hefty repair bill!

Gap Insurance

GAP Insurance

You can purchase Total GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) as an additional insurance policy provided by AvailableCar. It ensures that in the event of your motor insurer declaring the insured vehicle a total loss, whether accidental or through malicious damage, fire, theft or flood damage, there is no financial shortfall in the amount paid by the insurer and the amount owed by you.

used car products

JewelUltra Diamondbrite

Keep your car looking in showroom condition with a JewelUltra Diamondbrite, when you purchase a car from us.  Diamondbrite has a Lifetime Guarantee on Paintwork, Fabrics and Carpets. It will also protect your investment by increasing your car's resale value and is approved by leading manufacturers. No need to polish your car again!

Silent Witness Dash Cam

A Dash Camera is a small, windscreen mounted in-car camera that records in front or in some cases behind you. We offer the Silent Witness Dash Camera fitted, in-store, prior to the collection of your vehicle.

used car products

Parking Sensors

The AvailableCar Ultra-Sonic Parking Sensors cover the whole of the rear bumper. They work by alerting the driver to any objects within the immediate vicinity by beeping. As the vehicle gets closer to an obstruction the beeping increases in frequency and then emits a continuous tone when the vehicle reaches a minimum safe distance.  The sensors are colour coded to match the colour of your car.

used car products

Bluetooth Handsfree Kits

Combining music and telephone tools, the Parrot MKi9200 system is a hands-free kit that lets you experience the road in a whole new way. Position its removable high-resolution 2.4" TFT screen on the steering wheel or dashboard and control it with the remote control without ever taking your eyes off the road! For an even more intuitive use, just use your voice.

used car products

Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance

Alloy wheel and tyre insurance policies are designed to help you keep your car’s wheels looking sharp and its tyres in good condition. Hazards on the road such as potholes, debris, and high curbs can all lead to damaged tyres or alloy wheels.  With Alloy wheel and tyre insurance, you can keep your wheels and tyres in pristine condition for 36 months!

used car products

Luxury Car Mats - Executive Protection Pack

Our Executive Protection Pack will help to keep your new car looking in pristine condition for longer.  All our Luxury Car Mats are fully tailored and bespoke to your car with a full-width heelpad made with attractive leather binding and OEM fixing system. The Bootliner Tray has a removable carpet insert making it easier to clean, with a 2-inch lip to help prevent spills.

Extra used car products from AvailableCar!

At AvailableCar, we always aim to make your used car buying experience as easy and hassle-free as possible. This is why we offer additional products, for your convenience, so that you can make an informed decision, at the time of purchase, about any used car products which may be right for you.


Yes, we offer additional products that can be purchased at the same time as your vehicle. These include Used Car Warranties, Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance, Bluetooth Handsfree Kits, GAP Insurance, Used Car Paint Protection, Dash Cams, Reverse Parking Sensors and Luxury Car Mats with our Executive Protection Pack.

We offer a 3 month/3,000-mile guarantee with all our cars, however, should you wish to extend your warranty we do have several options available. An extended warranty will offer you peace of mind against major repair bills should your car suffer a mechanical or electrical breakdown.