Reverse Parking Sensors

Avoid those reversing bumps and scrapes with ultra-sonic parking sensors from AvailableCar!
All for just £299, including fitting!

We all know how annoying it can be scraping or bumping your car whilst parking! Those little knocks and scrapes can end up costing you hundreds of pounds to fix and there is nothing more annoying than wasting money on something that could have been completely avoided, just by adding some parking sensors!

At AvailableCar, we understand and identify problems that our customers may want a solution too! Every day driving issues such as parking scrapes and bumps, curbing your alloy wheel or getting a puncture in your tyre! This is why we also offer Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance, GAP Insurance, Used Car Warranties and Used Car Paint Protection too!


parking sensors

So what are the main benefits of Parking Sensors:
  • They cover the whole of the rear bumper
  • They alert the driver to any objects within the immediate vicinity by beeping
  • There is a beeping which increases in frequency as the vehicle gets nearer to an obstruction
  • They emit a continuous tone when the vehicle reaches a minimum safe distance
  • They are colour coded to match the colour of your car

At AvailableCar, we understand that your new car is your absolute pride and joy! So we make it really easy to keep your car in showroom condition, for as long as possible, by offering a range of products to help you to do just that!

One of those products is Ultra-Sonic Reverse Parking Sensors. This type of sensor works by emitting high-frequency sound waves and measuring how long it takes to come back to the sensor it can inform you of how close you’re getting to an obstacle.

We can fit these to your new car prior to collection for a total cost of £299. This will help you to avoid those annoying bumps and scrapes whilst reversing, helping to keep your lovely new car in tip-top condition!


parking sensors

parking sensors

Parking Sensors with your new 'AvailableCar'

Should you choose to add parking sensors at the time of purchase, our Customer Service Manager will talk you through this. If you are buying your car on finance, you will have the option to spread the cost within your monthly payments.

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Yes, we offer additional products that can be purchased at the same time as your vehicle. These include Used Car Warranties, Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance, Bluetooth Handsfree Kits, GAP Insurance, Used Car Paint Protection, Dash Cams, Reverse Parking Sensors and Luxury Car Mats with our Executive Protection Pack.

We offer a 3 month/3,000-mile guarantee with all our cars, however, should you wish to extend your warranty we do have several options available. An extended warranty will offer you peace of mind against major repair bills should your car suffer a mechanical or electrical breakdown.