Over 30 brands at AvailableCar! Used Car Supermarket with unrivalled choice!

Over 30 brands without having to visit over 30 different garages!
Saving you time AND saving you money!

At AvailableCar, we have an unrivalled choice of over 5,000 used cars on 47 acres across our four used car supermarkets - inside and out!

We have 15 acres of used cars at AvailableCar Castle Doningtonover 10 acres of used cars at AvailableCar Sutton in Ashfield, over 12 acres of used cars at AvailableCar Cannock and over 10 acres of used cars at AvailableCar Leeds.

That's over 1000 cars and over 30 different brands at each used car supermarket!  Now that's what we call 'used car supermarket choice'!

over 30 brands at our used car supermarket

And this means you can compare models, side by side!

Because we have so many cars at each of our used car supermarkets, it means you can compare like for like models, compare similar models, and compare different models and different brands to see exactly which car suits you best, with over 30 brands to compare at each location!

And you can compare prices too!

All our prices are our best possible prices - there’s no haggling, (unlike at so many other car dealers) the price you see is the price you pay. We’ve been doing it this way since we opened our first Car Supermarket in 2002 and we’ve found our customers prefer it that way. It keeps things fair. Our price structure keeps our prices lower than our competitors most of the time, however, because we always want to ensure this, we do offer a unique Price Promise on every single car! This means that "We promise that if you find the same car of equal quality and value, cheaper at a main dealer or car supermarket within 7 days of vehicle order, we’ll refund the difference!"

over 30 brands

The AvailableCar Process

Customers often arrive at AvailableCar at the very start of their car buying journey. And we know that the most important thing for our customers, at this point, is having the freedom to choose the RIGHT car for them, without being hassled by aggressive salespeople!

So we make it incredibly easy!

Firstly, we don't harass our customers like other car dealerships!  We employ Helpers and Customer Service Managers, not salespeople. We don't believe in selling cars to our customers, only helping our customers to buy, when that help is required!



All our cars are laid out according to size, with most unlocked and ready to view.

Every customer is different, therefore, so is their requirement. Some customers have no idea what car they want, whilst others know exactly what they want! Then there are customers who come in looking for a specific car, and then once they see the wide range of cars we have available, they change their mind or realise that actually there is a much better option for them after comparing cars side by side.

The AvailableCar way - your way!

over 30 brands at our used car supermarket

over 30 brands at our used car supermarket

Find your perfect brand at AvailableCar

Browse over 5000 quality used cars from more than 30 different brands online or visit one of our four used car supermarkets for a unique used car shopping experience!


Our no-hassle approach and relaxing, friendly environment make the AvailableCar shopping experience unique. We don’t employ salespeople, instead, we employ Helpers and Customer Service Managers. Our shopping experience is built around our customers, and how they like to shop. Instead of selling cars to our customers, we help our customers to buy – but only when help is required! It’s simple really, we make it all about you, not us!

It is 100% true. We don’t employ salespeople, instead, we employ Helpers and Customer Service Managers. You won’t be approached by our staff, however, our helpful and friendly team members will be on hand should you require any assistance. Just read our customer reviews!

We have over 30 different brands to choose from onsite and online including all of the top and most popular brands such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Nissan, Renault, Citroen, MINI and Kia.

We offer a 3 month/3,000 mile warranty with all our used cars, however, there is also an option to purchase an extended warranty of up to 3 years at the point of sale.

Yes, all fitted extras listed with each car are included in the purchase price of the car.