How to find the cheapest petrol and diesel near you

Petrol and diesel costs have hit another all-time high this week, with the RAC warning drivers to expect ‘unbelievably high prices on the forecourts’.

The average price of petrol hit 161.1p per litre and diesel 170.1p per litre as of 10th March 2022.  

There are ways you can find the cheapest petrol and diesel prices in your area which could result in significant savings when filling up your tank over the coming weeks…  the price comparison website has a fantastic cheapest fuel price finder tool.

It’s free to sign up! All you need to do is pop in your postcode, choose petrol or diesel, tick whether you want fuel stations that are open at that particular time and away you go.

An alternative is  Like, you first need to register for free. Then enter your postcode, and the radius you are prepared to travel. This site then lists all the filling stations and prices but they also appear on a map within a radius around your chosen starting point. 

It’s a great way to try and minimise the impact rising of fuel costs!