The best possible value for money and that’s a promise.

Our Price Promise We promise that if you find the same car of equal quality and value, cheaper at a main dealer or car supermarket within 7 days of vehicle order, we’ll refund the difference! This applies to everyone!
And with AvailableCar, you will also benefit from…

Clear and simple pricing! Just like it should be!

(We don’t think that’s too much for you to expect)



We show the cost when new on each car because our Customers find it useful to know what the original retail price of the car was when it was first bought (or ‘how much car they’re getting’).

We also show the saving on new which illustrates how much the car has depreciated since new (cars depreciate quickly at first then more slowly which is why buying used can make a lot of sense!)

And of course, we show the cost price, (which includes all the fitted extras) and is the total price you pay to drive away.

An £8999 car will cost you…. £8999!

(It seems obvious but at many car dealers, it’s often not true)


At AvailableCar it’s true.

Because at AvailableCar there is no Admin Fee.

Many car dealers will charge an admin fee to cover the cost of paperwork, valeting, number plates, checks on the car, etc and in the final reckoning they add quite a lot to the amount you ultimately pay.

This will often be a last minute surprise and can be anywhere between £49 and £449… or more!

These are all things which we think should be transparent.

Or better still, free. Simple, clear pricing and no admin fee is our way!

We will give you more for your part exchange – guaranteed!

Best price paid for your car through our Part Exchange with Available Car

We guarantee we will give you a better price for your part exchange than any other UK based used car retailer against any used car purchase with us.

Simply present us with a genuine written part exchange valuation, dated within 4 days, and we will guarantee to beat it!

It’s that simple!

For the best price on your used car, and a no hassle, easy purchase, choose AvailableCar!
We all interpret things differently, so here is a helpful list of what we mean by the terms used in our unique AvailableCar Price Promise statement.


When we say equal, we mean ‘the same as’ or ‘equal to’ the car bought in every way (e.g: make, model, specification, including colour, engine, transmission MOT and mileage)


Meaning that every car is prepared to the same high standard and from a reliable retail outlet including Main Dealers and Car Supermarkets only. We would not consider private sellers, sole traders, “sold as seen” sales or unprepared vehicles.

Main Dealer or other Car Supermarkets

To make our Price Promise completely fair, we only accept cars from Main Dealers or Car Supermarkets which are in-stock and available for sale (not cars that have already been sold). This ensures the cars we are comparing are available for sale, prepared, workshop checked, records are held for service history and number of owners. Mileage – will be taken into consideration and common sense applied (the value will obviously alter if very different). We keep documented evidence for all our Price Checks. We do not charge any fees for the preparation or transportation of our cars. If the challenging garage does apply additional charges for preparation, transport and/or administration, this will reflect in our agreed price.


The value of a car will be altered should there be any differences between certain aspects, including the number of owners, the level of preparation, general condition, service history, keys, specification, optional extras etc. Many factors have to be taken into consideration when buying or selling a vehicle. For example, if a car is registered as a total loss or if there is any detrimental information stored.

Refund The Difference

Any refund that is agreed after the day of collection will be refunded by cheque directly to the customer, as named on the invoice. Any price promise completed prior to collection will have the agreed value deducted on the invoice at the point of collection. The route of action will be clearly explained by one of our trained Team Members.

7 Days Of Vehicle Order

To be clear, AvailableCar grant 7 days from the day the vehicle is ordered and the purchase is agreed. The order date acts as day one of seven. Day one is not the day of collection or the day the balance is paid.

Guaranteed Part Exchange Valuation Terms and Conditions

We guarantee to beat any genuine written valuation from another UK based used car retailer.

The valuation must be dated within the last 4 days.

This guarantee is based on part exchange valuations only and a purchase is required to benefit from this guarantee.