Keep moving this winter with great advice from AvailableCar!

As we head towards the colder and more wintry months, taking the time to prepare your car will help to keep you safe on the roads.

We offer some great advice on how to prepare your car for winter!

Be winter ready by following our tips below…

Driving in the snow and ice can be incredibly dangerous, making conditions on the road impossible.

So how do we stay safe in dangerous weather conditions?

If your car is well-maintained, it should hopefully cope well with cold and sub-zero temperatures. But according to breakdown services, the biggest problem in severe weather accidents, therefore you should make sure that you are adequately prepared before undertaking any journey in bad weather..

Winter driving with AvailableCar

  • Allow plenty of time for your journey. Remember you may need to de-ice your car before setting off (this is crucial as full visibility is vital in bad weather)!
  • Don’t pour hot water over your windscreen! If your windscreen has a chip, a drastic change in temperature could cause it to crack! The best way to clear your windscreen is to use a scraper. And also remember to never leave your car alone with the engine running!
  • Properly clean your windscreen, side windows, headlights, and mirrors of snow and ice! If you have snow on the roof and bonnet you will also need to clear this too as if you need to brake heavily, it could slide down and block your visibility.
  • Check all your lights and make sure that these are all in working order.


  • Check screen wash – make sure this is topped up! And make sure you have plenty of fuel before setting off on any journey in severe weather as you need to be prepared for any long delays you may encounter.
  • Take essentials with you. Pack blankets and waterproof layers to keep dry along with sturdy footwear. High energy refreshments, hot drinks, and water are all very important. If you take any medication, be sure to have that with you in case of long delays. A torch, extra screen wash & a fully-charged mobile phone are also strongly advised.
  • Plan your route. Check for any road closures before setting off.
  • Drive according to the road conditions and take it slow and steady, leaving a greater stopping distance.
  • Make sure your tyres are properly inflated and the tread is above 2.5mm. Worn tyres are lethal on ice.

We hope you found this useful!

Keep safe on the roads this winter from all the team at AvailableCar!