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Visit any one of our four stores to get the very best part exchange valuation with us!
Our Valuation Team can spot the difference and it could be worth £100s to you!

At AvailableCar, we don't offer online valuations, as we can give our customers an EXACT valuation, when we are able to see the car. Our valuations are based on the current market condition, your car's individual specification (we include ALL fitted extras unique to your car in our valuation) and we also take into account the colour of your car, the mileage, and the overall condition of your car.

Call into one of our four used car supermarkets to get an EXACT valuation on your part exchange from our expert Valuations Team!

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part exchange valuation

Why choose us for your part exchange valuation?

Customer's often come to us after receiving a vague and inaccurate online valuation. These often cause a huge amount of disappointment as these companies inflate the valuation of the car online, only to find reasons to offer a much lower valuation on inspection. These online valuations often don't take into account the exact specification of your car, the exact mileage of your car or the exact condition of your car.

We don't give inflated online valuations. We give EXACT valuations instore. And we give a fair price, every time!

The AvailableCar way - Your way!

We also have Low Rate Finance available, a unique Price Promise on every single car, extended warranties and other fantastic products such as Parking Systems and Dash Cams for extra safety!

We offer a very relaxing car buying experience, in a comfortable and friendly environment. That's the AvailableCar Way! And our customers seem to like it. Our no-hassle approach, clear, transparent and fair pricing, top part exchange valuations, and huge choice of quality used cars means our customers get everything they want from a used car buying experience, just by visiting us! It's what makes us unique, and it's what our customers love about us!


part exchange valuation

part exchange valuation

Unrivalled choice on used cars at

Once you have a top part exchange valuation from us, you can browse over 5,000 quality used cars to find your next used car! Use your part exchange as a deposit or get cashback for your part exchange.

Whatever solution you are looking for, AvailableCar can help!


Yes. Our Valuations Team will give you exact values. They will value your car and give you a top valuation based on current market conditions, and based on your car's individual specification (including ALL fitted extras unique to your car), colour, mileage, condition, etc.

Yes. We do not charge for Part Exchange valuations.

If the car you currently have is worth more than the one you would like to buy, we can discuss any options available to you. There are several factors to take into account such as, do you own the car outright or is it on finance? And how you would like to purchase your new car? Whatever the situation, our team can certainly discuss this with you in more detail.