AvailableCar Customer Reviews

At AvailableCar, customer service is our number one priority. We want to ensure that every single customer is completely satisfied with every aspect of our service, so we welcome all customer feedback, and use this to continually improve our service.

car dealer reviews

car dealer reviews

Where can I find Car Dealer Reviews?

Our car dealer reviews are so important to us, and at AvailableCar, we value all customer feedback. Unlike many other car retailers, we have proven this by recently winning the 'Auto Trader Customer Choice Award 2019' outperforming over 13,000 other car retailers. This award is based on the number of positive reviews left by customers, our replies to both positive reviews and customer concerns, and our consistency and tone. We believe that this shows an unrivalled commitment to providing our customers with outstanding customer service, every time.

If a customer has concerns, we don't shy away from this, we embrace their feedback, and learn from it, but most importantly, our number one aim is to put things right for the customer, and change their experience into a positive one.

How we collect our car dealer reviews

We collect our car dealer reviews via Trustpilot and Google, and we currently have thousands of Trustpilot and Google reviews rating us as excellent. When customers purchase a car from us, they are sent a request to leave us a review on Trustpilot. Over 95% of all Trustpilot reviews are verified customers who have been invited by Trustpilot to leave a review after purchasing from AvailableCar.

At AvailableCar, our business is built on providing all our customers with a transparent and honest service.  This is why when we ask our customers to leave us a review on Trustpilot after purchase, we don’t ask them at the point of sale, we wait at least 2 weeks. This gives our customers the opportunity to leave an honest review about their buying experience, how they have found the car since purchase, and our aftersales service, if this has been required.  

How we use customer feedback

It's rare that things do go wrong, but when they do, we put it right! And it's our customer feedback that helps us to do just that.

We read every single customer review and respond to each one personally. If a customer has an issue with a car or any aspect of our service, this is dealt with immediately by our Customer Service or Aftersales Teams. We continually monitor the feedback we receive from customers and use this to continually improve our service and provide ongoing training to our staff.

car dealer reviews


car dealer reviews

How important are customer reviews when purchasing a car

Extremely important.

At AvailableCar, we believe that our customer reviews give potential customers valuable insight into our business.

A car is a high-value purchase, therefore, customer reviews can be incredibly important when deciding where to purchase a car from. Not only do our customer reviews provide you with a good overview of what our business is like to purchase from, but also how we respond to customer concerns, which is just as important.

Choosing AvailableCar will not only ensure that the car you are purchasing is of the highest quality but should something go wrong, we will do everything within our power to put it right.

AvailableCar is an excellent choice for your next used car

We currently have over 6,000 car dealer reviews on Trustpilot rating us ‘Excellent’ and over 3,300 reviews on Google with an average rating of 4 stars out of 5.


Our no-hassle approach and relaxing, friendly environment make the AvailableCar shopping experience unique. We don’t employ salespeople, instead, we employ Helpers and Customer Service Managers. Our shopping experience is built around our customers, and how they like to shop. Instead of selling cars to our customers, we help our customers to buy – but only when help is required! It’s simple really, we make it all about you, not us!

We are an open and transparent business and welcome ALL customer feedback. You can read our genuine and verified customer reviews on Trustpilot. Our rating on Trustpilot is Excellent which is something we are extremely proud of.

It is 100% true. We don’t employ salespeople, instead, we employ Helpers and Customer Service Managers. You won’t be approached by our staff, however, our helpful and friendly team members will be on hand should you require any assistance. Just read our customer reviews!

We offer a 3 month/3,000 mile warranty with all our used cars, however, there is also an option to purchase an extended warranty of up to 3 years at the point of sale.

Yes, all fitted extras listed with each car are included in the purchase price of the car.