PARROT MKI9200 Bluetooth Car Handsfree Kit

Keep your hands free and enjoy the best sound performance with a PARROT Bluetooth Car Handsfree Kit.

Combining music and telephone tools, the Parrot MKi9200 system is a Bluetooth car handsfree kit that lets you experience the road in a whole new way. Position its removable high-resolution 2.4" TFT screen on the steering wheel or dashboard and control it with the remote control without ever taking your eyes off the road! For an even more intuitive use, just use your voice.

bluetooth handsfree kit

bluetooth handsfree kit

How does it work?

Using its high-resolution 2.4-inch TFT screen, you can find all sorts of information such as the contact list, caller identity and photo, telephone data and certain settings that you have set yourself. You can also see your music! Parrot MKi9200 shows your playlist, complete with artist name, track name and album cover.

  • Connects seamlessly to your Bluetooth phone
  • Phone integrates automatically with your car stereo
  • Dashboard 2.4 inch TFT screen display
  • Make calls safely and easily with Voice Recognition
  • Price includes full installation and one year warranty
  • Music streaming from your music player
  • iPod, iPhone and MP3 Player compatible
  • USB, SD card and 3.5 jack pin input
The main benefits of a Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

We all love listening to our own music whilst driving, particularly on those longer journeys, and a Bluetooth hands-free kit allows you to do this. In addition to music, should you need to make a phone call then it's absolutely vital you are able to do this legally, and as safely as possible.

Installing a PARROT MKI9200 Bluetooth Car Handsfree Kit into your new car will ensure that you can enjoy the best sound performance, whilst also being able to make any phone calls you need to, as safely as possible.

You can position the PARROT MKI9200 high-resolution screen on the steering wheel or the dashboard, ensuring that you are able to control your Bluetooth handsfree kit, without ever having to take your eyes off the road.


bluetooth handsfree kit

bluetooth handsfree kit

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