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If you’re looking for the best-used cars for towing, and have regular, heavy-duty towing in mind, it’s likely you’ll be looking for an SUV or large estate car with a powerful diesel engine, great stability, and suitably large maximum tow weights. If occasional, lighter loads are more likely, you can exercise some creative licence with your choice of a tow vehicle.

Whether you need extra space for a tip run or fancy taking a holiday with a caravan in tow, there are cars whose impressive towing capacities are paired with design considerations that help make the business of towing as simple, safe and unintimidating as possible.

Whichever car you choose for towing, you should make sure that you are equipped for the task by checking that your driving licence entitles you to do so. The UK Government provides a guide to towing regulations to keep you towing safely and legally.


best cars for towing

Here are some of the best cars for towing…
Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe has a huge max towing capacity of 2500kg, so it’s a powerful towing car. Not only is it one of the best cars for towing, but it’s also stylish, with a large front grille and angular lights.

So if you are looking for a great towing car to take the family on holiday, then the Hyundai Santa Fe is a great option. With 7 seats, touch screen infotainment system (in premium models), spacious interior, comfortable leather seats (premium models), and a four-wheel-drive that kicks in when conditions are slippery, it’s one of the best cars for towing caravans.

Volvo XC90

A powerful tow car, the Volvo XC90 has a towing capacity of 2250kg. A very reliable option if caravan holidays are your thing and it drives incredibly well. As you would expect with a Volvo, all of the safety features are there with a 5-star crash rating, anti-lock brakes and plenty of airbags. It’s spacious, with a 4 wheel drive option if required.  There is also a 7 seat option if you have a large family or just need more space!

Land Rover Discovery 4

With a huge towing capacity of 3500kg, the Land Rover Discovery 4 can pull just about anything! A great choice tow car the Land Rover Discovery 4 is a brilliant option for those who are adventurous and love caravanning in style! And despite its power, its a quiet and comfortable drive.

Practical? - absolutely, with huge storage space and comfortably enough room for 7 people. It's also able to tackle all conditions thanks to its Terrain Response system.

This is without a doubt a Premium Towing Car!

Volkswagen Passat

The Volkswagen Passat can tow up to 2000-2200kg which is pretty impressive for an estate! Well refined, economical and comfortable with spacious and impressive interior too.

The Volkswagen Passat Alltrack won the Best Tow Car award in 2017!

Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail is capable of towing up to 2000kg and is a solid, reliable tow car! It’s practical, with ample space and has the option of 7 seats.

It’s an efficient, robust and well-designed SUV with excellent safety equipment and is a popular choice tow car.


Kia Sorento

With a max towing capacity of 2500kg, the Kia Sorento offers good value and great quality.

It’s stylish with sleek lines and a large grille, with a spacious interior, fitting 7 people comfortably.

The Kia Sorento is a great option for a relaxed, long distance drive and its all-wheel-drive means it copes well with off-road conditions too.

Skoda Superb

If you’re on the lookout for one of the best towing cars then the Skoda Superb is definitely up there. The large hatchback option is spacious, with a huge boot, and the estate version is even bigger!

With a towing capacity of 2000-2200kg, the diesel is the best for towing caravans. The Skoda Superb is also stylish and offers a very smooth ride for those longer journeys.

Audi A6 Allroad

The Audi A6 Allroad is a great option combining off-road capability with the comfort and style of an Estate. Offering a towing capacity of 2500kg, higher than any other estate, its four-wheel-drive technology with hill descent control makes it a fantastic off-roader.

It's stylish, practical with plenty of boot space and a really spacious interior.

Ford Mondeo Estate

With a range of petrol and diesel options, this estate is a great option for towing. The 200hp diesel is perfect with a 2200kg tow capacity.

The Ford Mondeo Estate is reliable, great to drive and practical. There is plenty of room, with a great sized boot, so if you are after an Estate,making it a great tow car option.


No matter what you’re looking to tow, a BMW X5 is by far one of the best cars for towing just about anything!  It has an amazing towing capacity of 3500kg, looks great both inside and out and is built more like a large SUV so great on motorways too!

Suitable for large families with the option of 7 seats and an entertainment system in the rear for the kids.


best cars for towing

best cars for towing

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