Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance

At AvailableCar, we offer Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance to our customers when purchasing a car. Alloy wheel and tyre insurance policies are designed to help you keep your car’s wheels looking sharp and its tyres in good condition.

Hazards on the road such as potholes, debris, and high curbs can all lead to damaged tyres or alloy wheels. With Alloy wheel and tyre insurance, you can keep your wheels and tyres in pristine condition for 36 months!


alloy wheel and tyre insurance

alloy wheel and tyre insurance

Alloy Wheel Insurance (including Diamond Cut)

Alloy wheel insurance specifically covers damage to your car’s alloy wheels and is designed to cover the cost of repairs or refurbishment if your alloy wheels have been damaged or scuffed.  This is very easy to do whilst parking. Simply catching your alloy wheel on a curb can leave it looking unsightly.

Whilst Alloy wheels make your car look great, these scuffs and scrapes can be a frustratingly common occurrence, and the problem is that when they're damaged, your vehicle not only loses its shine, it also loses value.

Key Benefits
  • Up to £150 per alloy wheel claim
  • Up to 10 alloy wheel claims
  • If your wheel is damaged beyond repair, we will contribute up to £150 towards the cost of a replacement wheel
  • Cover for 3 years
Tyre Insurance (Including Run Flats)

Replacing a damaged tyre on your vehicle can be costly and it is particularly annoying and disappointing if that replacement is due to no fault of your own.

With Tyre Insurance you can protect yourself against such unexpected costs with no excess to pay. Tyre Insurance with AvailableCar covers both accidental and malicious tyre damage!

Key Benefits
  • Cover up to £250 per tyre replacement
  • Up to 5 replacement tyres
  • Unlimited number of puncture repairs up to a maximum of £50 per repair
  • Cover for 3 years
What is not covered?
  • General wear and tear Road traffic accidents
  • Damaged caused by using your tyres at an incorrect pressure
  • Theft of alloy wheels
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Chrome wheels, or wheels of a split rim construction
  • Damage caused by a third party for general maintenance
  • Commercial vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes
  • Tyres which are below the legal tread limit at the point the damage occurs

alloy wheel and tyre insurance

Purchase from AvailableCar with complete confidence

Purchase a policy from AvailableCar, and have complete peace of mind against repairs to your wheels or replacement tyres.

If you are thinking about purchasing a used car, at AvailableCar, we have over 5,000 to choose from, and our helpful team can talk you through our Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance policy at the same time!

Eligibility, exclusions and terms and conditions apply. Please refer to your policy document for a full list of cover and exclusions.


Yes, we offer additional products that can be purchased at the same time as your vehicle. These include Used Car Warranties, Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance, Bluetooth Handsfree Kits, GAP Insurance, Used Car Paint Protection, Dash Cams, Reverse Parking Sensors and Luxury Car Mats with our Executive Protection Pack.

We offer a 3 month/3,000-mile guarantee with all our cars, however, should you wish to extend your warranty we do have several options available. An extended warranty will offer you peace of mind against major repair bills should your car suffer a mechanical or electrical breakdown.